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Confessions of a Social Bully is an insightful journey into the mind of a middle school aggressor.  Twenty-year-old Natasha bravely reflects on how she used her popularity to socially “punish” her smart and talented classmate, Jane, while privately battling her own insecurities and jealousy of Jane’s successes.

“Confessions of a Social Bully” provides a unique insight into the real-life complexities of peer aggression. Stripped of sensationalized narrative, the film gives us an honest look into the heart and mind of a young woman reflecting on her actions and attitudes as a young adolescent. The film provides any parent or educator plenty of opportunity to start rich conversations.” 

Our audiences really loved “Confessions of a Social Bully” and the film provided great fodder for discussions and contemplation on the subject of bullying, seen from a fresh perspective. The film asks us all to look deeply inside ourselves and examine how and why we are all capable of hurtful acts, and how to change that.
— Liz Shepherd, Director, Children’s Film Festival Seattle